SQLskills SQL101: NUMA Support in SQL

I’ve blogged about NUMA and SQL Server in the past and how SQLOS automatically handles NUMA configurations for SQL Server by default, meaning typically as a DBA you don’t need to customize any configuration options for SQL Server to optimize it’s internal structures for NUMA systems.  I’ve also talked about vNUMA issues in virtual machines […]

Faking Hardware NUMA on a SMP Machine for Learning and Demos

I’ve blogged about NUMA a couple of times in the past and we cover it extensively in our Immersion Events, specifically when discussing SQLOS and memory and scheduling management.  One of the challenges with this is that laptops are SMP machines, so unless you have a server with hardware NUMA it is impossible to show […]

SQL Server and Soft NUMA

Friday of last week, Steve Jones (Blog|Twitter) asked a question on the Twitter #sqlhelp tag about SQL Server and Soft NUMA that prompted me to write the long waiting follow up to my first post Understanding Non-Uniform Memory Access/Architectures (NUMA). The question that Steve asked was: @way0utwest: “Do you always have one soft NUMA node? […]

Understanding Non-Uniform Memory Access/Architectures (NUMA)

Lately I have been doing a lot of work on SQL Server’s that have had 24 or more processor cores installed in them. Many of these systems utilize hardware non-uniform memory architectures, or NUMA, while a few of them were not. This led me into a good bit of additional research into the differences between […]