SQL Server 2016 Distributed Replay Errors

If you’ve tried to install and configure Distributed Replay in SQL Server 2016, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that you ran into all sorts of problems and probably didn’t end up getting it to work in a multi-client setup and eventually gave up. For whatever reason, Microsoft didn’t make the initial configuration of Distributed […]

Looking at External Disk Performance using USB 3.0 and eSATA with SSD

I recently did some drive upgrades in my personal laptops and as a result I had a couple of SSD drives sitting around that I wanted to make use of.  A few weeks ago I purchased a new OCZ Agility 3 240GB SATA III SSD from Newegg when it was on sale and at the […]

Performing a Distributed Replay with Multiple Clients using SQL Server 2012 Distributed Replay

In the first post in this blog series on using SQL Server 2012 Distributed Replay, Installing and Configuring SQL Server 2012 Distributed Replay, we looked at how to configure a Distributed Replay environment using multiple clients and a dedicated replay controller.  In this post we’ll actually make use of the previously configured servers to perform […]

Installing and Configuring SQL Server 2012 Distributed Replay

This blog post is the first in a series of posts that will cover how to install, configure, and use the new Distributed Replay Utility in SQL Server 2012.  The distributed replay utility can be used to assess the impact of changes and upgrades by replaying workload activity against a test environment based on a […]