Execution Plan Sanitizer v2

Almost two years ago I blogged about Sanitizing Execution Plans using PowerShell. The original intent behind this idea was to be able to provide completely sanitized execution plans that could be shared outside of your business environment without the risk of sharing any design elements that may be considered Intellectual Property. Since writing that post I’ve […]

What plan_handle is Extended Events sqlserver.plan_handle action returning?

The topic for today’s post comes from a forums question and a subsequent Connect feedback item where someone noted that the plan_handle being returned by Extended Events using the sqlserver.plan_handle action was not available in the plan cache even when queried immediately following completion of the event that should have produced the plan cache entry.  […]

Sanitizing Execution Plans using Powershell

A few weeks ago I tweeted a couple of images showing a really nasty execution plan in SQL Sentry’s free Plan Explorer tool being displayed on a 65 inch touch screen LCD monitor.   I’ve been using Plan Explorer to look at execution plans since its early beta’s, when it was known as Plan Viewer, […]

Extended Events Series (5 of 31) – Targets Week – ring_buffer

Yesterday’s post, Querying the Session Definition and Active Session DMV’s, showed how to find information about the Event Sessions that exist inside a SQL Server and how to find information about the Active Event Sessions that are running inside a SQL Server using the Session Definition and Active Session DMV’s.  With the background information now […]