New Article Online – Great SQL Server Debates: Lock Pages in Memory

After a recent discussion about Lock Pages in Memory on Twitter, I wrote an article that talks about the history of Lock Pages in Memory and the differing opinions on the appropriate usage of Lock Pages in Memory for 64 bit instances of SQL Server.  Great SQL Server Debates: Lock Pages in Memory Thanks to […]

Tracking Problematic Pages Splits in SQL Server 2012 Extended Events – No Really This Time!

Just over a year ago I blogged about the enhancements that were made to the sqlserver.page_split Event in SQL Server 2012 to make it easier to identify what the splitting object was and the type of split that was being performed.  Sadly what I discovered writing that post was that even with the extra information […]

Finding Replication Schema Options

This afternoon, Orson Weston (Twitter), asked how to find the difference between two binary sets of schema options for replication on the #SQLHelp hash tag on twitter.  The valid values for the @schema_options parameter in replication are documented in the BOL Topic for sp_addarticle (  However, just having a table of values doesn’t really help […]