SQL Failover Cluster without Shared Storage – SQL Server 2012 and SMB

While teaching last week at our Tampa Immersion Event, I mentioned the support for SMB as a storage in SQL Server 2012, which is allows you to create a Failover Cluster without shared storage on a SAN, and is documented in the following Books Online topics. Install SQL Server with SMB fileshare as a storage […]

SQL Server 2012 Early Adoption Cook Book Content and Videos

Last week during the MVP Summit, Joe (Blog | Twitter) and I spent the days working at Microsoft teaching and recording SQL Server 2012 content for the Developer Platform Evangelism team.  Earlier today, the videos we recorded of the SQL Server 2012 content were posted on the SQL Server 2012 Early Adoption Cookbook site along […]

SQL Server 2012 Extended Events Update – 3 – Viewing Target Data

In SQL Server 2012 there are number of new ways to view target data generated by Extended Events Sessions, including a live streaming view as the events actually generate from the server, similar to the way SQL Server Profiler functions.  For this blog post, I am going to use the Query Detail Tracking template that […]