CPU Ready Time in VMware and How to Interpret its Real Meaning

(If you’re having persistent problems with your virtual machine configurations and SQL Server performance, Jonathan can help you fix it – fast! Click here for details.) In the last month I have had to explain how to interpret CPU Ready Time information for SQL Server VMs running on VMware to a number of people. The […]

Clustering SQL Server on Virtual Machines (Round 2)

Recently there was lengthy discussion on the #sqlhelp hash tag on Twitter about clustering SQL Server on VMs and whether or not that was a good idea or not. Two years ago I first blogged about this same topic on my blog post, Some Thoughts on Clustering SQL Server Virtual Machines. If you haven’t read […]

New Article: Performance Problems with SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition Under CAL Licensing

My latest article on SQLPerformance.com was published yesterday and highlights the potential for performance problems while using the default configuration of SQL Server 2012 using the Enterprise Server+CAL upgrade licensing under Software Assurance. http://www.sqlperformance.com/2012/11/system-configuration/2012-cal-problems

Faking Hardware NUMA on a SMP Machine for Learning and Demos

I’ve blogged about NUMA a couple of times in the past and we cover it extensively in our Immersion Events, specifically when discussing SQLOS and memory and scheduling management.  One of the challenges with this is that laptops are SMP machines, so unless you have a server with hardware NUMA it is impossible to show […]

New Article: Tracking Database File AutoGrowth with Event Notifications

My latest article on SQL Server Central was published live today.  This article shows how to use Event Notifications to monitor and alert on database file auto growth events inside of SQL Server and is another edition to the series I committed to writing on using Event Notifications in SQL Server to automate common DBA […]