DBCC CHECKDB Execution Memory Grants – Not Quite What You Expect

I was recently working on a client system that has problems running DBCC CHECKDB normally due to the concurrent volume of data changes occurring against their 2TB OLTP database.  The challenge with running DBCC CHECKDB on this system is that the database snapshot (which DBCC CHECKDB creates) quickly exceeds the sparse file limits in Windows […]

Tracking SQL Server Database Usage

One of the challenges with inheriting an existing set of SQL Servers and databases when you start a new job can be determining which of the databases are actively being used or not, especially on development and testing systems where there may be multiple copies of the same database that were used by different projects […]

SQL Saturday #192 Content Uploaded

I know that it is somewhat late, but I uploaded my slide decks and demos from SQL Saturday #192 in Tampa, FL to the SQL Saturday website earlier today. For simplicity in finding the information, the links to each of the sessions are below: Performance Tuning by Digging into the Plan Cache Successfully Virtualizing SQL […]