Managing Windows Azure SQL Database’s newest feature – Premium Database

The latest feature to make an appearance in Windows Azure SQL Database (actually it’s still a preview program) is the Premium Database. Physically, when you have a WASD database, you’re sharing that database and server with others. It’s possible that if one of your database “neighbors” decides to run a stress test, your database (and […]

SQL Intersection in April, I’ll be there!

In mid-April, April 13-16 to be exact, the spring installment of SQL Intersection comes to Orlando. I’ll actually be there a little earlier and leave a little later than that. This conference has a whole lineup of speakers that like to add a little depth to how you’re used to thinking about your databases. There’s […]

Speaking on Windows Azure SQL Database this month in Portland

The last time I spoke at the Portland SQL Server User Group was the first time I’d ever seen taken any questions on Windows Azure SQL Database, Microsoft’s Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering that is a variation of SQL Server. So this month, on March 28, I’ll be doing a presentation on “Windows Azure SQL Database for […]

Getting Windows Azure SQL Database diagnostics using Windows Azure cmdlets

I’ve been trying out the new supported Windows Azure PowerShell Cmdlets this week and I’d have to say I’m impressed. I’ve only used the ones for setup (Get-AzureSettingsFile and friends) and the ones for Windows Azure SQL Database (WASD) so far, and there’s a new one for WASD I really like. The original Codeplex WAAPS […]

Extended Events in Windows Azure SQL Database

Continued from the previous post, "Some new/upcoming Windows Azure SQL Database DMVs and diagnostics"… Read that one to find out who Vinod and Michal are. So, before you all run out and try it, this isn't working yet. But, like the WASD event log view, the pieces seem to be in place. So, standard disclaimer […]

Some new/upcoming Windows Azure SQL Database DMVs and diagnostics

I didn't get to a whole lot of others' sessions at TechEd this year, but was pleasantly surprised by Vinod and Michal's session on "SQL Azure Administration and Application Self-Servicing". Although most of the really interesting stuff they showed wasn't in place yet (they demo'd on a "test portal" and test Windows Azure SQL Database […]

DACFx 3.0 – Import and Export with BACPACs

The last piece of the DAC puzzle (at least for now) is import and export. Export makes a non-transactionally consistant copy of database content that uses the BACPAC format (schema and data) and Import creates a new database with the BACPAC schema and data. Currently, its the most-used method of backing up and restoring a […]

Scripting SQL Server databases sans SMO Scripter

I can script out a database schema (and optionally data) from SQL Server databases. Any version from 2005 and beyond, as well as SQL Azure Database. And most all instance level objects.  And I'm not the SMO scripter object. Or a DBA. Who am I? I would be DACFx 3.0. And I can do some things (unlike […]

New T-SQL 2012 scalar functions (all but 1) work in SQL Azure

Back when I was saw SQL Azure was producing an @@version string that mentioned version 11 (that's SQL Server 2012's major version number), I'd started looking at the version number every week or so. And looking for SQL Server 2012 functionality in SQL Azure. See the blog post "SQL Denali T-SQL features in SQL Azure […]

SQL Azure Federations are here. At least on my server…

Late tonight I tried something that I didn't think would work because @@version on SQL Azure didn't report anything different from last week. (Microsoft SQL Azure (RTM) – 11.0.1814.30 Nov 21 2011 16:46:09 Copyright (c) Microsoft Corporation). It didn't work last week. But it does work now. That's the last time I listen to @@version… […]

New Wiki posting: SQL Server 2012 spatial features available in SQL Azure now!

A short while ago, I wrote a blog entry about SQL Server 2012 features that are currently available in SQL Azure. In that post, I mentioned that Ed Katibah would publish an article detailing the current state of the SQL Server 2012 spatial features in SQL Azure, in detail. That article is now available at […]

SQL Denali T-SQL features in SQL Azure now

Earlier this month I noticed that SQL Azure, with the latest upgrade has a version of 11…something (actually 11.0.1467.26, to be exact). And I wondered, aside from the long-touted new spatial library, if there were any Denali T-SQL enhancements that were now available. That is, what version of "version 11" is this? I did do […]

SQL Azure “version 11″ arrives on my server

I've been trying this out every day or so since I'd heard about the update (originally named the July 2011 Service Release), but I'd forgotten about it for about a week. So I don't exactly know when this happened on my SQL Azure server. But tonight, around midnight, SELECT @@version returns: Microsoft SQL Azure (RTM) […]

A First Look at Data-Tier Applications 2.0

The next version of Data-Tier Applications is version 2.0. You can get a CTP of it today; where the CTP is located really gives away the game. It's located at SQL Azure Labs, listed under SQL Azure "Import/Export". The writeup on this page identifies a few interesting things: 1. It's a preview of the Denali […]

Interesting SQL Azure change with next SR

In looking at the what's new for SQL Azure (May 2011) page, I came across the following: "Upcoming Increased Precision of Spatial Types: For the next major service release, some intrinsic functions will change and SQL Azure will support increased precision of Spatial Types." There's a few interesting things about this announcement. Firstly, the increased […]

DAC support SQL Azure and vice-versa. It’s live.

Last week I did a talk at SQLConnections on SQL Azure Database and Data-Tier Applications (DAC). At the time (it was the day of Visual Studio 2010 launch), I explained that conference abstracts had to be submitted 6 months ago. At the time, because of some coincidental feature correspondence (e.g. the DAC whitepaper suggests only using […]

Transactions, isolation, and SQL Azure

I was trundling through my SQL Azure database today, looking for interesting behaviors. Found one. A "select * from sys.databases"  reveals that both "snapshot_isolation_state" and "is_read_committed_snapshot_on" return 1 (on) for all databases. Because ALTER DATABASE isn't supported, these cannot be changed. So READ COMMITTED SNAPSHOT is the default transaction isolation level, which may come as […]

SQL Azure: Adventures in connectivity

SQL Server Management Studio in 2008 R2 (and there's a standalone upgrade for SSMS) supports connecting to SQL Azure. And there were some tools on CodePlex that did too. And that's what I'd always used. But reading along in the latest docs I came across the following statement "Connecting to SQL Azure by using OLE […]

The Azure cloud. It’s live now.

Yesterday I signed up for my account to the official, live, RTM cloud. Of course it was all for the SQL Server, that is, SQL Server Azure. MSDN premium subscribers get a free 8-month trial, so I signed up for that and they transferred by CTP databases over (actually, my "server name" didn't change at […]