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Month: August 2004

Good XQuery Books

Because of SQL Server 2005’s support of XQuery, a lot of folks have been asking about good XQuery-specific books. I’ve found two excellent books, each


At the airlift

I’m at the Ascend program launch this week; it’s being launched as part of a larger event. Yes, I finally got to meet Roger Doherty.


SQLCLR Optimizations – 2

To squeeze every ounce of performance out of the SqlServer data provider, the rule is to allocate the least number of ancillary object instances possible.


Error 6522 and You

What's error 6522? It's the error that you always get from an unhandled exception in a SQLCLR stored procedure. If I write a SQLCLR error that


SQLCLR Optimizations – 1

Good T-SQL programmers are always looking to optimize their procedural code. Little optimizations can end up as big savings if the code will be executed


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