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Month: November 2004

Home again

I returned home from Europe late Saturday night. With catching up on my sleep, email, questions, Thanksgiving (which Mary and I celebrated on Sunday this


SQLCLR appdomain usage

A little-known behavior of SQLCLR (although we did mention it in our book) is that SQLCLR creates one appdomain per assembly owner, not one appdomain



This is actually posted a few days after I wrote it. I haven’t done the “internet on the plane” service although I think it exists.


An excellent SQLNS book

SQLNS is an acronym for SQL Server Notification Services. Originally introduced as a “free addition” to SQL Server 2000, it is an integrated part of


More on ownership chains

People always ask…if ownership chains work the way they do, why do they not work with dynamic SQL? And how about .NET procedures and ownership


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