SqlNotificationRequest changes

In the April CTP of .NET 2.0, I chanced upon some changes to SqlNotificationRequest, using my favorite tool, .NET Reflector and my one my favorite investigative techniques, called “follow the error message”. It turns out that two properties in SqlNotificationRequest the id and Service properties are about to be replaced. They still work but are […]

Outstanding Service Broker book

While at TechEd, I purchased the first computer book I’ve actually had to shell out hard cash for in quite a while, The Rational Guide to SQL Server 2005 Service Broker by Roger Wolter. Congratulations, Roger, you’ve got a winner here! Weighing in at just under 250 pages, this book is an explanation of Service Broker […]

Back From TechEd

I meant to blog from TechEd but with all the activity, I never got the time. The talk on when to use T-SQL and when to use SQLCLR drew an overflow crowd, and folks seemed to really like it. Thanks to all of you who attended.   To attempt to summarize in one sentence, the “official” […]

What’s a truncation exception?

I commonly do a demo when teaching SQL Server 2005 where I write a SQLCLR UDF that's returns the string "Hello World". The define it, sans VS autodeploy, like this. CREATE FUNCTION somefunc() RETURNS NVARCHAR(4) AS EXTERNAL NAME MyAssembly.MyClass.MyFunction When invoked, it returns "Hell", silently truncating the string the CLR sent it. UNTIL Apr CTP. […]

How DO you change your SQL Login password?

SQL Server 2005 will, by default on Windows Server 2003 systems, enforce password policies for SQL Server logins as well as Windows logins. Nice feature, but this means that your SQL Server login password can expire. So how do you change it? Well certainly the DBA can change it as (s)he always has, but you'd […]