It’s here

And I'm only the fiftieth person to blog about it. That's SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005/.NET 2.0, of course. I considered not blogging and saving network bandwidth 'cause everybody already knows, but…naaaahh. CONGRATULATIONS folks! Must be quite a party going on in Redmond. The MOST exciting set of products to come out in quite […]

SQL Server 200x wish list – wrapup and explanation

The last five blog entries were a lot of “off-the-top-of-my-head” list writing. Mostly remembering what people had said or theĀ “I wish there were” comments. Just so no one misunderstands the tone…. The SQL Server 2005 version of SQL Server has more new features by order of magnitude (at least from a developer perspective, though I […]

SQL Server 200x wish list – part 5, SQLCLR

OK, SQLCLR wish list comes last. Mostly because I'm tired of being accused of being a SQLCLR bigot; I think it was because our book covered those topics first. Oh well. Default parameter values in SQLCLR procedures when called by T-SQL. You obviously can't/shouldn't support these when called from-CLR-to-CLR. Right now, they work, but the […]

SQL Server 200x wish list – part 4, T-SQL and Engine

Transact-SQL has been around for a lot longer, the list will be a bit smaller. But the T-SQL enhancements in 2005 were numerous but, of course, left some folks wanting more. As always. More error handling improvements – TRY-CATCH is VERY nice. For next time, how about FINALLY and RETHROW? The ability to rethrow system […]

SQL Server 200x wish list – part 3, Service Broker

This one is about SQL Server Service Broker. It's not necessarily a cool or sexy feature, but may be the most revolutionary feature in there. The problem with Service Broker is that most people don't get it. They think YAQS (yet another queuing system). It's more than that. It's already used for 3 features inside […]

SQL Server 200x wish list – part 2, XML and XQuery

OK, because it was Michael that asked originally, XML/XQuery wishes for SQL Server 200x. In no particular order. Full compliance with "standard" W3C XQuery. If the standards committee finishes before SQL Server 200x ships. Else it will become a "standard" no one follows. Hmm…like SQL. Reason for this is twofold. 1. Folks who get a […]

Hello again. and SQL Server 200x wish list part 1

It's just a few weeks until the launch of SQL Server 2005. I'm been hiding under a rock since returning from Hong Kong. TechEd there was a great time, biggest attendence they've ever had. Security and SQL Server 2005 were the hot topics. Yes, even after PDC in September. It's been over three years since […]

Fireworks in Hong Kong

A couple of hours after checking into my hotel on the Hong Kong waterfront, fireworks started going off outside…the real kind. Turns out I’d arrived on China National Day and the streets outside were closed because crowds had gathered to watch the fireworks display at the harbour. 56th anniversary of the People’s Republic of China. […]

Goodbye Dallas, Hello Hong Kong

Made a quick exit from SQLPass in Dallas, hopped on a plane, and 4 planes later (plus a stop at home to get things together) I’m in Hong Kong. I enjoyed SQLPass immensely and by the sounds of it, so did the folks that were in my two-day long pre-con on SQL Server 2005 for […]