Service broker and database master keys

Service Broker security is the subject of confusion even among people who think they know how it works. Some of the confusion occurs because security was tightened up in the last few CTPs. I've read in two different places that Service Broker conversations always need to have a master key in the database(s) where the […]

For all you XML-phobes that lke DDL triggers and Event Notifications

After speaking yesterday and recanting my story (for about the 100th time) about EventData being XML as a “nefarious plot” to require DBAs to learn XML, I wrote this fairly simple XQuery (actually dead simple XPath) function to change EventData into a rowset. It works based on the fact that you’ve deposited EventData into a […]

Seeing errors in callers, SQLCLR error 6522, and T-SQL TRY-CATCH

I've been going over how errors are raised in SQLCLR against the SQL Server 2005 RTM version. If you remember (search the blog on "6522" if you don't) how errors made their way from the managed to the unmanaged stack evolved throughout the beta. My goal in investigating this was to determine if you can […]

What’s the SqlDependency doing now?

I'm headed out on the road. For quite a while. Wanted to settle this before I went. Looks like the implementation details of SqlDependency have changed a bit. Even since the September CTP (where they added SqlDependency.Start and Stop). Stop and Start control the (new) internal listener. Start also sets up a stored procedure and […]

An interesting tidbit from the readme file

I like to read the readme files. There's often juicy little tidbits of info in there that won't show up by searching the BOL (that's why there's a readme in the first place). In SQL Server 2005 there 3 “readme” files: requirements, readme, and “addendum to the readme” (available on web via a link in […]

Two cool add-ins for SSMS

Now that SQL Server 2005 has been released, I'm becoming more "at one" with the tools. I've commented on a couple of cool features as things evolved, but having worked with the product since it's early beginnings I've also learned a lot of DDL. And learned early on that, "just because you can't do it […]

Correction…I did meet the man

After reading my last blog entry, Wally McClure points out that I did indeed meet him once. In July 2001, on Redmond campus. Amazing. And of course, now I *do* remember it, it was a .NET (1.0) authors summit. I think. He looked just like his picture. 😉 Sorry…more technical content coming soon.

My Podcast with Wally McClure is available

The podcast I did with Wally McClure is up on his website. Here’s the link to it. I did this podcast about a month ago, so some of the musings might be old news, but Wally wanted to time the podcast’s release with the release of SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005. So it’s […]