Multiple synthesized rowsets with SqlDataRecord

I usually show folks the SQLCLR streaming table-valued functions and using SqlDataRecord with SqlPipe.SendResultsStart/SendResultsRow/SendResultsEnd on the same day. This sometimes brings up the question "which is better"? Since you can synthesize rowsets with both mechanisms and they both stream rows back to the client one buffer-worth at a time, its an interesting choice. However, with […]

New “SQLCLR-approved” assembly in SP1

People often ask about the set of base class library assemblies that can be safely used in SQLCLR. It usually takes the form "can I use assembly System.XYZ.dll in SQLCLR procedural code" or "why do I get "assembly System.XYZ.dll is not found" when I try and catalog my own assembly that calls this one? The […]

SQLCLR supports assembly versioning…NOT

SQL Server 2005 doesn't support assembly versioning in SQLCLR. Recently in a talk I restated this as "SQL Server 2005 will not allow two versions of the same assembly to be cataloged into the same database using CREATE ASSEMBLY". Someone promptly pointed out that they could indeed run CREATE ASSEMBLY on two instances of the […]

Finding data differences between SQL Server 2005 tables

Been on the road lots lately, not much blogging, I'm afraid. I'll be making up for that… I "found" a new command line utility today in SQL Server 2005. Maybe everyone but me already knew it was there. Reading up on replication, I came across mention of the "tablediff" tool. You feed it and source […]