Entities and SQL Server 2005 Metadata. Really.

After having a go at the information on the Entity Framework and other ADO.NET 3.0 papers that were posted about a month ago, I was trying to come up with a good example of relational tables or views that are designed with entities in mind. Or perhaps from entities. Concepts like inheritence, for example. Unlike […]

SQL Server 2005: an overriding theme to the new features

Even now, although SQL Server 2005 has been for about 3/4 of a year, when I teach people about the new developer features, I'm still asked about the zen of the new features. Do they follow a common theme? Is there a usage pattern that emcompasses all of the things like Service Broker, SQLCLR, XML […]

Commoditization of a technology deployment pattern

If you hadn’t noticed, I’ve stopped taking comments and trackbacks for a while. I figured if you’all like video poker, you know where to find it. I’ll try and put them back soon, because you and I lose the valuable feedback along with the valueless drivel. For example… I’d mentioned in yesterday’s blog entry about scale […]

Pondering scale-out

Reading some papers on scale-out, I came across this in the SQL Server 2000 resource kit: “Scaling up is the first approach you should consider, … scaling out should be the final consideration.” Other papers mention “in order to best implement a scale-up architecture, it has to be planned in advance.” and “it is easier […]

He’s baaack. Public classes at SQLskills

At TechEd, a couple of folks came up to me and asked “we see around at conferences and read your blog, but when are you going to offer any…ahem… *public* classes, already?” I see you were a “special guest” at a training event back in March, but we couldn’t afford to go to Amsterdam. Well…SQLskills […]

What’s that stuff good for, anyway?

There's an interesting article that caught my attention in this month's (July 2006) MSDN magazine by John Mollman about building the MSDN aggregation system. The system uses SQL Server 2005 Service Broker for reliable messaging, activation procedural written in T-SQL, SQLCLR for interactions with the world outside the database and the XML data type and […]