Composable DML and Composable Queries

In a previous blog entry a while ago, I wrote about writing a single SQL statement that did a SQL MERGE operation, used the OUTPUT clause to put out a rowset and directed the rowset into an INSERT statement. This happens in one statement without the need of explicitly defining a temporary table and using […]

Service Broker in SQL Server 2008 – When sent message and receive message priority are different

More about Service Broker priority in SQL Server 2008. The books online states, when setting a initiator/target priority as local service name/remote service name that the priority affects: 1. Sends from the initiator queue 2. Receives from the initiator queue 3. Getting the next conversation group from the initiator queue. And specifies the mirror image […]

Service Broker in SQL Server 2008 – Priority By Contract

Conversation priority is a new feature with SQL Server 2008. In a previous blog post, I talked about how to simply set one up. But you'd usually not want to set up a priority for all messages. So, lets set up a simple service and then define a "Premier Customer" priority. Before trying this you […]