Using the Denali spatial aggregates on the client

One of the interesting spatial features in SQL Server Denali is the inclusion of spatial aggregates, namely CollectionAggregate, ConvexHullAggregate, EnvelopeAggregate, and UnionAggregate. Here's an example of unioning two squares together to make a rectangle. create table t1 (g geometry) insert t1 values('POLYGON((0 0, 1 0, 1 1, 0 1, 0 0))') insert t1 values('POLYGON((1 0, […]

SQL Server Denali Fulltext Properties – Where?

When I originally wrote the SQL Server Denali full-text search on properties cheap demo, I used property sets with properties (GUIDs) that I got from the SQL Server BOL example (although the example itself didn't work). As it says in BOL, CREATE SEARCH PROPERTY LIST creates an empty property list. Which got me to wondering, where […]

Yet another semicolon rule in SQL Server Denali

I was telling students this week about the story of the semicolon and SQL Server. And, when going over some Denali demos, it came up again. SQL Server does not mandate semicolons as end-of-statement indicators as some databases do (as well as the ANSI standard). You can use a semicolon (or as many semicolons as […]

Speaking at the NYC SQL Server user group next Thursday

I'll be speaking at the New York City SQL Server user group next Thursday (Jan 27) on "What's New in the SQL Server Denali Database Engine". I'll go through almost all of the new features with demos on each one, including contained databases, additional extended event and PowerShell support, T-SQL enhancements, spatial data, and full-text […]

I’m at DevWeek London Mar14-18

I'm getting my plane tickets and plans together for DevWeek 2011 in London, coming up in March. I'll be doing a preconference workshop on "Writing SQL Server database applications and stored procedures for best performance". In addition, I'll be presenting on:    Performance Enhancements in SQL Server 2008    LINQ vs Stored Procedures    Spatial Indexing […]

SQL Server Security Best Practices whitepaper update is live

I've recently completed an update to the SQL Server 2005 Security Best Practices whitepaper. It's available on the security and compliance website under whitepapers or the direct link is here. Unsurprisingly, its called "SQL Server 2008 R2 Security Best Practices – Operational and Administrative Tasks". Thanks to all the folks who reviewed it. Enjoy. @bobbeauch

Upcoming seminar: Coding SQL Server For High Performance

I'll be making my first trip to sunny Stockholm, Sweden in March, to do a two-day seminar on 10-11 March, as part of Addskills' Expertseminarium series. I'll be demonstrating coding for performance from T-SQL stored procedures to client APIs to (when and when not to) use SQLCLR and more. I'll even present a look at […]

What’s new in Denali CTP1. And what isn’t in CTP1.

At SQLPASS a couple of months ago, Microsoft announced SQL Server Denali and, at during the conference, handed out CTP1. Nice. But, the conference keynotes and sessions on it alluded to many more of the upcoming Denali features than appear on the CTP1. That's all well and good, but I've heard tell of one person who […]

The nearest neighbor optimization in SQL Server Denali

The nearest neighbor query is one of the most common queries against spatial data. How many people haven't gone to a mapping app, typed in their current location and asked for the 10 nearest [your favorite thing goes here]? The obvious way to phrase the spatial query for this, given an STDistance method on the […]