Spatial index compression in SQL Server Denali

Since SQL Server Denali adds support for index compression of spatial indexes, using the same options as data and index compression in SQL Server 2008 and above. As opposed to what I expected at first (because spatial indexes consist of only a few small fixed-length columns), using compression with spatial indexes appears to be quite effective. With […]

LOTS of New Goodies in SQL Server Denali Query Plans

After the last post on new warnings in SQL Server Denali Showplan, just for the fun of it, I had a look at the XML version of the showplan. And saw some fairly amazing new things I hadn't noticed before. Everyone's been looking into the new "Batch Execution Mode" with the new ColumnStore index feature. […]

Additional Warnings in SQL Server Denali Query Plans

Sort and hash warnings can be found using SQL Server profiler, but they don't appear in query plans like "Columns With No Statstics" warnings in SQL Server 2008 R2 and below. In SQL Server Denali, they DO appear in query plans. No profiler needed. I'm not sure if all the pertainant events from the trace […]

SQL Denali T-SQL features in SQL Azure now

Earlier this month I noticed that SQL Azure, with the latest upgrade has a version of 11…something (actually 11.0.1467.26, to be exact). And I wondered, aside from the long-touted new spatial library, if there were any Denali T-SQL enhancements that were now available. That is, what version of "version 11" is this? I did do […]

October’s Developer Immersion Event adds Denali topics

With the release of SQL Server Denali approaching, (some Denali features are already available in SQL Azure Database), I've decided its time to sift a few Denali features into my 5-day SQLskills Developer Skills Immersion Event on the week of October 24 in Chicago.  This will be the first time I've presented with the expanded […]

Contents and purpose of SemanticsDB in Denali

The new Semantic Search feature of SQL Server Denali enhances full-text search by letting you do a search on the meaning of documents. To use this feature, its required that you install the SemanticsDB. The SemanticsDB ships with SQL Server or can be downloaded as part of the SQL Server Denali CTP3 Feature Pack. One […]

Full-text query plans and stats in Denali

I've been looking at full-text query plans in Denali lately, and looking at the SQL query plan for the full-text part, there isn't much to see (modulo docid lookup or lack of it, see a couple of posts ago). Everything seemed to be hidden behind the TableValuedFunction iterator for FulltextMatch function, and although there's the usual […]

A quick set of SQLCLR spatial decomposition functions

Saw a request on the SQL Server spatial forum this morning for routines that would decompose a geography type to a set of Lat/Longs. A while ago, I was experiemnting with spatial decomposition, and happened to cruft up a couple of SQLCLR table-valued functions to accomplish this. Although the same functions could be written in […]

What’s this semantic search about anyhow?

I've been working lately with SQL Server Denali's Semantic Search feature. There's a more complete description of this feature (as well as how to set it up, its an addition to full-text indexing) in BOL, but I just wanted to summarize my one sentence "raison d'etre" for it on a function by function basis. And […]

Of filetables, full-text and semantic search, and docidmaps

SQL Server Denali's new Filetable feature and full-text search are made for each other. Set up database for non-transactional filestream access with a directory name, create a table "AS FILETABLE" with a subdirectory name, drag over a bunch of files and turn on full-text search. Voila, instant search with two predicates and two TVFs. Even […]

SQL Azure “version 11” arrives on my server

I've been trying this out every day or so since I'd heard about the update (originally named the July 2011 Service Release), but I'd forgotten about it for about a week. So I don't exactly know when this happened on my SQL Azure server. But tonight, around midnight, SELECT @@version returns: Microsoft SQL Azure (RTM) […]