Certificate Signing Stored Procedures in Multiple Databases

Yesterday I received an email asking me a question related to my Using a Certificate Signed Stored Procedure to Execute sp_send_dbmail on SQL Server Central that intrigued me enough that I had to put a couple of minutes into actually figuring out what the problem the being encountered was.  In the article, I show how […]

Missing The Details Can Cause Such A Mess

This blog post is brought to you complements of tonight’s dinner meal.  My entire life I have been eating Greek food, mainly because I come from a Greek background on my fathers side, but also because its really good food.  I can’t tell you how many times in my life I have seen someone in […]

Looking at multiple data files and proportional fill with Extended Events

At SQL Connections, I presented a session titled “Learn SQL Server Internals with Extended Events” where I demonstrated a number ways to use Extended Events to learn about the internal workings of the database engine for SQL Server.  The morning of the session I was chatting with someone about a problem they had seen and […]

Does Index Fragmentation Matter with SSD’s?

Two weeks ago at SQL Connections in Orlando, FL, I got to participate in a session that Paul and Kimberly do at the end of the conference titled, “Follow the Rabbit.”  The premise of the session is that Paul and Kimberly throw a big list of topics up on the screen and anyone in the […]

What plan_handle is Extended Events sqlserver.plan_handle action returning?

The topic for today’s post comes from a forums question and a subsequent Connect feedback item where someone noted that the plan_handle being returned by Extended Events using the sqlserver.plan_handle action was not available in the plan cache even when queried immediately following completion of the event that should have produced the plan cache entry.  […]