Creating a new Login on Multiple Servers with the same SID using Powershell

Steve Jones (Blog|Twitter) asked a question on the #sqlhelp hash tag tonight that I found interesting so I thought I’d play around with Powershell for a few minutes and see if I could beat Aaron Nelson (Blog|Twitter) to the punch with a Powershell answer for once.  Steve’s question was: @wayoutwest: “Anyone have a PSH script […]

PASS Summit 2011 Sessions

Yesterday PASS announced the PASS Summit 2011 regular sessions and 4 new half-day sessions.  At the same time they also announced the top sessions from the SQLRally conference in Orlando, FL last month. I was thrilled to have been in the Top 5 for the conference overall. A few weeks ago PASS announced the Pre-conference […]

SQL Server and Soft NUMA

Friday of last week, Steve Jones (Blog|Twitter) asked a question on the Twitter #sqlhelp tag about SQL Server and Soft NUMA that prompted me to write the long waiting follow up to my first post Understanding Non-Uniform Memory Access/Architectures (NUMA). The question that Steve asked was: @way0utwest: “Do you always have one soft NUMA node? […]