Building a Completely Free Playground for SQL Server – 2 – Setting up Active Directory and the iSCSI Virtual SAN

To continue the build out of our Completely FREE Playground for SQL Server, we will begin by setting up an Active Directory Domain Controller and a separate iSCSI Virtual SAN, which are both requirements for setting up a SQL Server Failover Cluster.  To make things easier to follow, this post will break these two tasks […]

Building a Completely Free Playground for SQL Server – (1 of 3) – Downloading the Software and Setting up a Windows Server 2008R2 VM Template

For the last few years, I have always had a personal virtual playground for SQL Server setup on my laptop that allowed me to not only learn about new features in SQL Server, but also demonstrate complex topics hands on during presentations.  I recently had to rebuild my playground from the ground up and as […]

Running Paul’s nonclustered index count survey against multiple instances

Paul put up a new survey today titled Survey: nonclustered index counts (code to run).  If you’d like to run the query for this survey against multiple SQL Servers at once using PowerShell here is the script to do it: # Load the Snapins for SqlServer if they aren’t currently loaded if((Get-PSSnapin -Name SqlServerCmdletSnapin100 -ErrorAction […]