SQL Server and VMware: A Potentially Fatal Combination? That’s Nonsense!

This morning Paul received an email from a member of the community that was asking if it is safe to run SQL Server inside of a VM and whether we would suggest running databases in virtual machines or not.  The root of the question being asked was an article that the person had read back […]

Just in time for PASS – Troubleshooting SQL Server: A Guide for the Accidental DBA

Just over two years ago, right before PASS Summit 2009, I got the insane idea after finishing Chapter 3 for the SQL Server 2008 Internals and Troubleshooting book that I wanted to write another book based on my experiences answering questions on the MSDN forums that would be based on the top 10 most frequently […]

Finding what queries in the plan cache use a specific index

In the last 48 hours I have seen two different people having the exact same problem so I thought that I would go about blogging some code I’ve had lying around for a while and been meaning to blog that would help them with finding the root cause of their problems.  In both cases, the […]

Extended Events Changes in SQL Server 2012 – Event XML for XML data elements

While working on validating my demos for the 24 Hours of PASS and my PASS Summit 2011 Precon – Extended Events Deep Dive, I noticed a significant, and breaking change to the Event XML output for the raw event data in the ring_buffer and file_target in SQL Server Denali.  In SQL Server 2008 and 2008R2, […]

Building a Completely Free Playground for SQL Server – 4 – Creating the Cluster

Run the Cluster Validation Report At this point, I have to admit that as a part of trying to streamline the configuration of this environment, I made a mistake in the first post when I added the Failover Clustering feature to the template VM that was cloned to create the two cluster node VMs.  To […]

Building a Completely Free Playground for SQL Server – 3 – Creating the Failover Cluster Nodes and Configuring the iSCSI Environment

Continuing our weekly series on building a free playground for SQL Server, this week we’ll take a look at configuring our iSCSI Target to create the LUNs necessary to build a SQL Server Failover Cluster, and then build out a two node SQL Server Failover Cluster in the environment.  A number of really good comments […]