New Article Online – Great SQL Server Debates: Buffer Cache Hit Ratio

My latest article on Simple-Talk was published this morning.  In this article I dig into the actual meaning of one of the performance counters I often see mentioned on the forums, but in a completely incorrect context. Great SQL Server Debates: Buffer Cache Hit Ratio

Does filing bugs on Microsoft Connect for SQL Server work?

In a word; YES! In a lot more words, not always in the way that we want it to, but there are plenty of cases where it actually works and changes are made to the product as a result. Now with that said, it doesn’t work all the time, and it helps to realize that […]

Workaround for Bug in Activity Tracking Event Session Template in 2012 RC0

In SQL Server 2012 RC0 there are a number of event session templates provided that make creating a commonly used session easier using the Event Session Wizard in SQL Server Management Studio.  One of these has a bug in it’s definition XML file that was filed in the following connect item: If you attempt […]