Killing a pesky query notification subscription

Just when I thought I'd found all the new cool features. An Ascend Phase 1 participant once asked me “can the DBA get rid of unwanted query notification subscriptions”? In Beta2 you can. SELECT * FROM sys.dm_qn_subscriptions — pick the ID of the subscription that you want, then — say its ID = 42 KILL […]

My 20 favorite beta 2 developer features so far

I started my career as a maintanance programmer, and spent a lot of time searching out and fixing bugs, in existing code and also introduced by required program maintanance. Sometimes at 3am, with a hard deadline for the fix. I believe it shows in the way I present technologies (as in, “these are the intricate details, […]

Visual Studio Beta 1 and sqlaccess.dll

sqlaccess.dll is the in-database .NET data provider, System.Data.SqlServer. If you do any data access in .NET stored procedures, UDFs, triggers, UDTs, and UDAggregates, you are using this provider. There is a version in Visual Studio Beta 1 (in \Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Common7\IDE\PublicAssemblies) that (I think) Visual Studio uses in its Database projects. There’s a […]

Beta 2 available. Some first observations.

SQL Server 2005 beta 2 is now available for MSDN subscribers on the MSDN website. Although it’s not yet listed in the “what’s hot” section, it’s available under Servers/SQL Server/SQL Server 2005. I’ve got a few initial observations upon downloading it and installing it. 1. Read the readme file (ReadmeSQL2005.htm). Although this usually goes without […]

On mapping between data models

In recent posts I'd mentioned mapping a few times, it's time to get back and explore it in earnest. There appears to be three major data models in use by programmers today: Relational – that's where the majority of the corporate data is stored. SQL and its product-specific dialects is the main programming language that follows […]

No more Microsoft.VisualStudio.DataTools.SqlAttributes.dll

Sometimes you have to hit me over the head to make me aware that something's changed. I've been working with Visual Studio 2005 beta 1 for about 10 days now, and just noticed that creating a SQLCLR project (that's [Language of Your Choice]/Database/SQL Server Project) no longer includes a reference to Microsoft.VisualStudio.DataTools.SqlAttributes.dll. This was the DLL that […]

COmega and rite of passage program

Since you’ve probably seen this on every other blog in the world already, I’m not going to post that the language that was known as X# and Xen has now shipped as COmega. It’s not a commercial product, but available at Microsoft Research. (Well, I guess I did post about it then, didn’t I?). I’ve […]

“Rite of passage” programs and SQLCLR

When you get a brand new tool, programming language, or API, the first thing most programmers use it for is to write their favorite "rite of passage" program. This is an example that is so simple, it's only purpose is to illustrate the that compiler or tools are installed and working correctly and that "the […]

About Web Services and “Schema + Any”

About a month ago, there was another chapter in the long discussion about DataSets and web services. An old cohort Scott Hanselman fired off the first salvo, which was taken up by Ted Neward. Doug Purdy responds that Purchase Orders are root of all evil and lots of other chimed in. I'm just catching up… This comes […]

Not DataSet, Dataset!

I collegue of mine is studying SQL Server Analysis Services and asks about APIs for it. I have the unique (wierd?) perspective of having come at OLAP through the APIs: OLE DB for OLAP, ADOMD, and XMLA. However, he’s interrested in .NET APIs and asks: “Can the OleDb data provider support the MSOLAP OLE DB […]

A sample ADO.NET 2.0 data provider

After writing DevelopMentor's Essential OLE DB class and teaching it to provider writers (and detail-oriented consumer writers) for a few years, I always thought that a good way to get myself acquainted with the new data model was to write a new database client provider/driver/etc whenever the model changed. I wrote a simple .NET data provider during […]

Have a SNAC

If you've recently installed the SQL Express version of SQL Server 2005, you may or may not have noticed SQL Native Client (SNAC). If you want to use the new features of SQL Server 2005 like multiple active resultsets or snapshot isolation from OLE DB, ADO, or ODBC, you're going to need SNAC. SNAC is […]

A Comment About Comments (XQuery Comments)

I was checking some of the SQL Server 2005 features on the way over on the plane. The latest build that I have is SQL Express build, fairly recent. Many of the XQuery features have been updated to Nov 2003 XQuery spec. Very cool. But comments wasn't one of them. A nit, I know. The {– […]

My whereabouts

The first blog entry got me thinking. For someone supposedly cloistered writing a book, I have been doing some heavy traveling. For the last year, I’ve been teaching Yukon beta 1 quite a bit. Many students were participants in the Ascend program phase 1. They are folks from software companies who write application and system […]

Out of hiding

I’ve finally decided to take the plunge and start this up. I’ve been in hiding for the last year and three quarters or so, working on a SQL Server 2005 (was Yukon) course and a companion book. The book, entitled “A First Look at SQL Server 2005 for Developers” shipped on Monday. I have a single […]