Thought on Microsoft client XQuery

I've known for a couple of weeks now that XQuery and the new XML-SQL client mapping have been dropped from System.Xml in .NET 2.0. The XQuery implementation over the XML data type in SQL Server 2005 is NOT going away, of course. Just the client-side bits. Folks are encouraged to keep using XSLT 1.0 and […]

Back From Win-Dev; what year is it?

Got back from Win-Dev last night…and immediately crashed. It was a great show, a little exhausting because some of the folks that I’d lined up for the data track bowed out and I did some alternative talks. This is the first year Win-Dev had a database-data access centric track and, if the comments were any […]

One more thing about 6522 error

One more thing about getting an error 6522 wrapper from SQLCLR procedures. the workaround I spoke about last week (dummy catch block) works to propagate SQL Server errors to the client without wrapping them in the 6522. But it doesn't seem to work if you want to throw your own user error (error > 50000). […]

I’m at WinDev

Made it to this conference, came a day early just in case (see I’m at SQLPass…not). No hurricanes at this one, but fairly nasty cold and rain yesterday. Conference is in Boston (well, actually Quincy, MA) this week. We have a database track this year, and I’ll be doing a day of SQL Server 2005 / […]

Intersect and Except….almost

There's a new Community Technology Preview of SQL Server 2005 available on MSDN for universal subscribers. I'm sure you've all heard of it by now, I was out of the country last week with limited bandwidth and just downloaded mine yesterday. I was meandering through the BOL, looking for interesting things, when it dawned on me […]

Least privilege and HTTP endpoints

A few weeks ago, I was surprised by an error message when attempting to create an HTTP endpoint with CREATE ENDPOINT. The error was "You do not have permission to perform this operation". The reason I was surprised was that SQL Server 2005 was running in a domain environment and I was logged on as […]

Error 6522:the reprise

About a month ago, I'd written about unhandled errors in .NET procedural code always causing error 6522 to be returned to the (T-SQL) caller (see "Error 6522 and You"). Because the "real" error (the one that caused the .NET code exception) is wrapped in a 6522 error, retrieving the value of @@error will always give […]

Another minor SNAC/SQLOLEDB provider difference

The new SNAC (SQL Native Client) OLE DB provider handles naming of parameters a tad differently than SQLOLEDB. Let's say that I have the parameterized query (using the ODBC-style question mark parameter markers): SELECT * FROM authors WHERE au_id LIKE ? And I call OLE DB's ICommandWithParameters::SetParameterInfo to set some parameter information. SetParameterInfo takes a parameter […]

OLE DB/ODBC, SNAC, and the new “MAX” data types

After having been immersed in .NET since the alpha version, I'd lost touch with how many products use OLE DB and ODBC. After all, when you talk about SQL Server and SQL 92/99/2003 standards, the standard API for a SQL database *is* still SQL CLI (call-language interface). And the canonical implementation of SQL-CLI is ODBC. […]

How SQLCLR works when its disabled

I heard that when SQL Server 2005 ships, SQLCLR (the ability to execute .NET code in SQL Server) will be disabled by default. This is part of an "off-by-default" philosophy that goes "because there are so many revolutionary new features in SQL Server 2005, and DBAs and programmers may not have had time to digest […]

Why programmers shouldn’t be marketers

Just finished watching Ichiro break the single season hit record on TV. I’m a Seattle Mariner fan from way back when, and a big Ichiro fan. Most likely some of the students from my class in Tokyo this summer were watching it too. The announcer said it was on lots of channels there. This summer I realized they […]