First release of Service Broker Explorer

My cohort, Dan Sullivan, has released the Service Broker Explorer on his Service Broker Developer's Spot website. It a graphic user interface for Service Broker that has some “topology map” features and configuration features and some management features for Service Broker objects. According to Dan: “It lets you drill into Sevice Broker and add and […]

Query plan guides in the SQL Server 2005 BOL

Just catching up on my blogging before a little vacation next week. Browsing through the SQL Server BOL from the December CTP, I came across some information on something called "plan guides". There is info on some stored procedures that create and manage plan guides, a database option (in ALTER DATABASE) and a system view […]

UDM data access – is it all done with mirrors?

I had a few spare cycles to do some reading recently, and thought I would check out the new Unified Dimensional Model (UDM) that can be used with Analysis Services 2005. I started by listening to a webcast by Amir and Ariel Netz. Interesting stuff about datamarts, data warehouse, and specialized metadata model proliferation. And […]

Don’t try this at home…yet

In the last blog entry I talked about using System.Transactions in SQLCLR code. But don't try this yet, the keyword here is *will* be used. I base this on a few bugs that I filed on System.Transactions/SQLCLR being closed as “this will be fixed in beta 3”. And a statement on a public newsgroup by […]

System.Transactions, promotable transactions, and composition

There's been a lot of interest in the new System.Transactions.dll assembly lately. Especially from users of SQL Server 2005. This is based around two functionality points. The first point of interest is that you will use System.Transactions to use transactions in SQLCLR procedural code in SQL Server 2005. In the beta 2 implementation of the SqlServer data […]

Tracking the pesky appdomain

People (especially DBAs) want to see what those pesky appdomains are doing in SQLCLR. Back in beta1 there was a system function, master.sys.fn_appdomains(), that showed which appdomains were running and which assemblies were loaded in the appdomains, number of bytes used, etc. In beta2 this view stopped working and, although you can watch appdomains being […]

Back home again

I’m back home again after being on the road three weeks out of the last four. Internet access was good, except for one hotel. I watched the person in front of me at checkin: Guest: How do you access the high-speed internet you mention in your ad?Clerk: Unplug the phone jack from the wall, replace […]