Changing SQL Login password with the utilities

After writing a blog entry on "How DO you change your SQL Login Password" and complaining that "neither" SSMS nor SQLCMD allows you to change this" I was using this feature on the June CTP and, lo and behold, both of these utilities allow changing your password. SQLCMD -? shows -z new password -Z new […]

I’m Database Geek of the Week (last week)

Sometime between when I left for Europe and when I started reading email that wasn’t addressed “question from student” (yes, I do answer all those), my “Database Geek of the Week” interview got published. By a guy from Red Gate Software named Douglas Reilly. The way I think this works is that someone suggests you for […]

It’s been a whole year

Wow. I was going through old blog entries looking for some unique insight (TM) I had, once upon a time, about SQL Server 2005 error handling in SQLCLR. Found a bunch of stuff, not sure how unique (or insightful) it was. But… I realized I’ve been blogging over a year. First entry, July 1 2004 That’s […]

Au revoir, Ascend

I just finished up our last gig for SQL Server 2005 Ascend last week in Paris (OK… in Les Ulis). It was my first class on the June CTP, and it seemed to go without incident. Students were enthusiastic and a good time appeared to be had by all. There are a two more “rescheduled for […]