About SCHEMAs and setting up Query Notifications

I've answered a few questions lately on setting up SqlDependency or ASP.NET SQL Server dependency with SQL Server 2005. Folks have gone by the instructions on the DataWorks Weblog posting and still receive the error "either schema dbo does not exist or you do not have permission to access it". This is caused by the […]

DevDays Netherlands…I’ll be there

I’ve been confirmed to present some talks at DevDays Netherlands on March 7-8. I’ll be talking about my favorite subjects, SQL Server 2005 and ADO.NET 2.0. It will be good to catch up with the folks from Class-A. Anko, Astrid, and Alex will also be presenting. I’m trying to line up some advance copies of […]

Sample chapter requires latest version of Acrobat reader

I’ve been getting some mail messages that the sample chapter of our latest book that we uploaded on the SQLskills website is not readable. Or in some cases, not downloadable. The error messages indicate that you need the latest version of Acrobat Reader (downloadable from Adobe) to read the chapter. The “not downloadable” message may be […]

No HTTP endpoints on SQL Express

I've been intruiged for a while with the idea of using SQL Server Express edition as a gateway from HTTP messaging to Service Broker messaging. That is, receiving web service messages through HTTP endpoints and turning them into Service Broker messages to take advantage of the robustness of the Service Broker protocol. Went to set […]

I hate to wait (doesn’t everyone)

I don't know anyone that likes to wait for an application to respond. This is especially a concern with web applications; you start to wonder if the web infrastructure has a problem. Should you hit by "Order" button again? Because waiting is subjective it's nice to be able to know, when a user calls, how […]

Sample chapter of SQL Server 2005 Programmer’s Guide available

Dan and I have been permitted to post a sample draft-quality chapter and the table of contents our upcoming book, “SQL Server 2005 Developer’s Guide”. They’re available on the SQLskills website as links from the Resources/Books menu entry on the homepage. The sample chapter discusses using the SqlClient data provider in SQL Server procedural code. Feedback […]

Still Alive and Well

With apologies to Johnny Winter. Long time, no postings. You might have guessed why I disappeared, but Dan and I just finished and handed in the sequel (pun intended) to the “First Look” book, entitled “A Developer’s Guide to SQL Server 2005”. How I spent my winter “vacation”… Whew. We’ve got everything updated to RTM, LOTS […]