Next stop, Hong Kong…

I’ve been honing my slides and polishing up my demos for TechEd 2006 Hong Kong at the end of September. I’ll be doing some breakouts there on SQL Server 2005 and ADO.NET vNext, but there will also be a “Day of SQL Server 2005 for Developers”, as a preconference presentation. There’s so much that’s new […]

ADO.NET vNext CTP is available

You’ve read the specs. Now get the bits. Here. Note that “vNext” isn’t V3.0, which doesn’t include these new ADO.NET items. vNext is the release after V3.0. Maybe V4?

Service Broker: When is DEFAULT not the default?

When I first heard about it, I didn't think the DEFAULT contract in Service Broker had the potential to cause confusion. Goes to show what I know. The problem comes up when you assume "no specification" means "use DEFAULT". Not always… Service Broker contracts indicate which message types can be sent from the conversation initiator, […]

Our new book, available cheap

I got email today notifying me that Dan Sullivan and my new book on SQL Server, “A Programmer’s Guide to SQL Server 2005” is on sale on at a deep discount for a limited time only. Check out I just did and, geez, its better than my *author* discount when I buy ’em direct […]

New paper on Data Access Tracing

I came across a new article, "Data Access Tracing In SQL Server 2005" at MSDN and I'm listed as one of the authors. That's interesting, as I didn't remember writing it 🙂 but upon closer inspection, they give me credit because they leveraged my original article "Tracing Data Access" from the ADO.NET 2.0 series. Thanks Jennifer and […]

Non-intuitive test data leads to proper constraints?

Sometimes I’ll have these interesting juxtapositions of two or more projects I’m working on at the same time. So what does Joe Celko have to do with the Visual Studio “Data Dude” (VSTSDD for short, I don’t know what the official acronym is yet) product? Well… The first time I generated test data with VSTSDD, […]

Musings from the Immersion Event

Just got back from the SQLskills Immersion event in Chicago. There were a couple of bonus sessions, with Kimberly doing a high-availability talk for Microsoft customers and our students one evening, and Joe Celko making an appearance on Wedsnesday. Joe spoke on elements of SQL style, and I was able to acquire a signed copy […]

More of our book reviewers are blogging!

We had some very talented technical reviewers for our “Programmer’s Guide to SQL Server 2005” book. Some of them, like Greg Low and Roger Wolter, are well known in the blogging community. I was happy to see that John Huschka and Jens Süßmeyer are both blogging. Jens has been blogging for a few months and […]