What’s the DataSet doing in a trace of an Entity Framework program?

In a blog posting about a few weeks ago, I'd written about noticing a DataSet being created in an Entity Framework program by using the ADO.NET client trace facility. Entity Framework programs do (indirectly) cause a DataSet to be created, but its only for resolving the ProviderInvariantName of the underlying data provider. NOT for anything […]

Heading Out To TechEd

I’m getting ready to head out to TechEd in Orlando. I’ll be doing a full day of SQL Server 2008 for Developers on Monday, a talk on SQL Server client and server-side tracing (including SQL Server 2008 Extended Events), one on PowerShell and SQL Server, and finishing up with a talk on SQL Server Security […]

Saving a roundtrip when inserting rows with filstream columns

It's a good idea when talking to a database to save on network roundtrips. The table-valued parameter in SQL Server 2008 is an example of a feature that can reduce them in the "1 order, 1-n detail items" use case. So its always been mildly irritating that in order to insert a row with a […]

SQL Server 2008 Change Tracking and Sync Services ARE made for each other… in VS2008 SP1

This item was mentioned in other blogs too, but just to mention it again (so my SQLCE and Sync Services friends won't think I overlooked it)… Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Beta contains direct support for using SQL Server 2008 Change Tracking. When you use ADO.NET 1.0 Sync Services with a SQL Server 2008 database, the […]

SQL Server 2008 data types in LINQ to SQL and EF, they (mostly) did it

Last fall I'd asked the folks on the data access team about the possibility of including the new SQL Server 2008 data types in the new data access object mapping layers. At that time they said "no" but they also asked "why do you want it?" and "are people expecting it?". Someone must have had […]

First blog entry in a month…what’s up

After posting the last blog entry, I realized that I hadn’t blogged in about a month. Hmmmm… Well, since last month I posted the demos for my SQLConnections talks on the SQLskills website (under PastConferences). I really had a good time at SQLConnections, its been a while since I’d been invited to speak there. Thanks […]

Trace Events in ADO.NET Entity Framework

Every once in a while I’ll get inquires on a paper I wrote in 2004 about the ETW trace providers for ADO.NET (named “Tracing Data Access”). I got an inquiry today, and since I’d recently installed Visual Studio 2008 SP1 Beta, I thought I’d try it out on a LINQ to SQL program and an […]