Day of PowerShell/SQL and more at SQL Server Connections

It's just about another month until this fall's SQL Server Connections conference on Nov 1-4 in Las Vegas. I thought I'd give some background as to what I'd be covering in my precon: "Day of Scripting: Plumbing The Depths of SQL Server / PowerShell Integration". I've been speaking on PowerShell and SQL Server ever since […]

SQL Server and XML on Pluralsight On-Demand

This happened about a month ago. I'd meant to post earlier, but got busy… My old friends (well, the friendships are old, I'm actually the only geezer among them) at Pluralsight asked me if I had time to record some SQL Server material for their Pluralsight-on-Demand program. And so last month, they released my SQL […]

Speaking at Portland (Oregon) SQL Server Users Group on Thursday

After a fairly quiet first half of the summer, I've done quite a bit of traveling lately. But, as Joe Celko or someone once said, "There's no place like home". This week I'm at home, and pleased to be presenting at the Portland SQL Server User Group meeting on Thursday. The topic is one of my […]