Changes to the Microsoft Certified Master: SQL Server program

Some intersting things happened in the SQL Server certification space while I was away. Joe Sack announced A New Path to Microsoft Certified Master: SQL Server 2008. And at the same time released some content that we (SQLskills) recorded for the new program. Coming to Redmond for obligatory MCM training is no longer required, and the […]

TechEd 2010 Europe; Denali at TechEd

TechEd Europe 2010 ended yesterday. I thought I'd write about it when I got home, but now I'm unsure if that will happen in a timely manner. I'm waiting at the fourth different gate in Dulles for my flight home (last of three) to Portland. It's just been delayed by 3 hours, and I hope […]

There are some new PowerShell Cmdlets in Denali CTP1

Quick correction to my PowerShell Denali CTP1 post here. Max Trinidad did the obvious get-command call and found some new PowerShell cmdlets related to the new HADR feature. Knew I should have tried that. 😉

New spatial query hint when using indexing

OK, last one for the evening, its getting late in Berlin. And BTW, we might have some Denali goodness here at TechEd. Search for "futures", perhaps. There a new hint for spatial queries in Denali CTP1, namely, SPATIAL_WINDOW_MAX_CELLS. This is a table hint that, as far as I can tell, this hint affects the query […]

My favorite feature in Denali. Well one of…

Only because I've been waiting for it since I first saw try-catch back in 2005 beta 2 or something. In dirt-simple code: begin try   delete jobs end try begin catch   throw end catch Nuff said. Error 547 is sooooo much more backward compatible than error 50000. Realize that, if throw is preceeded by another statement (begin […]

Using SQL Server Denali Full-Text Search With Extended Properties

Once upon a time, there was to be a SQL Server-based file system for Windows. This file system would not only let you search on file properties like filename and file length, but also on what's known as "Extended Properties". For an idea of what extended properties refers to, have a look at the "Properties" […]

Repost/Revision Updated serialization formats for SQL Server spatial types

SQL Server Denali CTP1 was released today. I don’t want to be the fiftieth person to post the link to the download; reference Ed's blog posting for the location. This is a repost (with some corrections now that the CTP is actually out) of a blog posting I did when someone discovered a web location […]

SQL Server Denali CTP1 – PowerShell and XEvents

Just having a look at PowerShell support in SQL Server Denali CTP1. In Denali you must install PowerShell V2 or it will be installed as part of the installation process. Although the minishell architecture of SQLPS is unchanged so far. Rumor is that changing this (maybe into a module, like Chad Miller did?) might in […]