Looking at External Disk Performance using USB 3.0 and eSATA with SSD

I recently did some drive upgrades in my personal laptops and as a result I had a couple of SSD drives sitting around that I wanted to make use of.  A few weeks ago I purchased a new OCZ Agility 3 240GB SATA III SSD from Newegg when it was on sale and at the […]

What a year it has been!

A year ago today, Paul Randal (Blog | Twitter) first blogged about my joining the SQLskills team as the first full time employee.  I can still remember the first time that I met Paul at SQL PASS in 2008, and I am still amazed that I work with the best in the industry over a […]

Extended Events PerfObject Events

SQL Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 provides a new set of Events in Extended Events to collect performance counter data from the Windows OS that would be really useful to monitoring SQL Server.  The first place I can find that they were mentioned is on a blog post by Mark Weber, a PFE for […]

SQL Server 2012 Extended Events Update – 2 – The SSMS UI Part 2

In the first post in this series, SQL Server 2012 Extended Events Update – 1- Introducing the SSMS User Interface, we looked at how to use the New Session Wizard in SQL Server 2012 to define an Event Session.  In this post we’ll compare the Wizard to the standard New Event Session dialog that can […]

Network Binding Order Warning during SQL Server Failover Cluster Setup

Yesterday I was asked by email about a problem that someone encountered associated with a SQL Server Failover Cluster configuration that I have run into a number of times myself, and I have had questions about repeatedly in the past.  The problem is that during the SQL Server Setup Validation of the environment, a warning […]

SQL Server 2012 Extended Events Update – 1- Introducing the SSMS User Interface

For the most part I have been relatively quiet about the coming changes in SQL Server 2012 with regards to Extended Events.  Primarily this has been to allow the new features of the product to become fully baked to ensure that the information would continue to be applicable as the product lifecycle progressed, and there […]