It’s sunny in Barcelona

I’m at ITForum in Barcelona, day 2. I’ve got the 17:00 talk and its on Troubleshooting Service Broker. It’s warm and sunny outside, especially for November, and I’ll need to think up something extrordinary to keep people inside and at the talk. How about having Service Broker make the sun shine inside can do […]

Don’t be Afraid Of … at ITForum

I’m at ITForum in Barcelona this week. I’ll be speaking on three topics that are: 1. Completely or almost completely new in SQL Server 20052. Take some DBAs a bit out of their comfort zone If you’ve been avoiding these features until now, its time to take the plunge and let these features help you, […]

One Service/Queue per Query Notification, please

Last week at TechEd I was showing off Query Notifications. When I showed using the preprovisioned queue (overloads on SqlDependency.Start and SqlDependency constructor), a delegate asked about using the same queue with more than one subscriber. He repeated the question when I showed the low-level SqlNotificationRequest. I did some tests over the weekend and the […]

Just Add 50000

I've been doing my talk on try-catch in T-SQL for a while and whining about not being able to "rethrow" (via RAISERROR) a system error. Even went as far as writing a RegEx decoder so that I can copy the error into a user error message text and parse the text back on the client. Two […]

SMO and Powershell: Better Together, The Scripts

Sorry, I know that slogan has been used already. Thanks to everyone who showed up for the SMO/Powershell chalk talk at TechEd Barcelona today. Here, as promised, are the demos. Thanks especially to Jeffrey Snover, the "dad" of Powershell for showing up and showing me some neat shortcuts… as I typed. Many of the scripts were […]

SMO scripting at TechEd Europe

I'm in Barcelona in TechEd and tomorrow I'm going to be doing a chalk talk on SQL Server Management Objects (SMO). Although I'd usually done my SMO coding in C#, I decided (based on my co-author Dan Sullivan's blog post on the subject) to try out using Powershell along with SMO. So, although when most folks […]