Expose data through an ADO.NET data provider

A frequently asked question since SQL Server 2005 shipped is "how do I expose my custom data source to SSIS/SQLRS/your app here". If you have a data server that you must connect to, and it accepts commands and returns resultsets, its a nature fit for an ADO.NET data provider-based mechanism. Having worked with OLE DB […]

Poking at SQLCLR

A common question on the newsgroups is "what will happen if a SQLCLR procedure allocates a huge chunk of memory or enters a tight, endless loop" by mistake? DBAs are concerned about any language with a looping construct (they've likely coded the tight, endless loop in T-SQL to see) or a malloc or equivalent. The […]

I’m speaking tomorrow night at home

Well, not at my house… but at the Portland (Oregon) SQL Server Users Group meeting. I’ll have to admit that I’ve not attended many meetings of the users group (OK, I’ve not attended a meeting in a long time) but its because I’ve not been at home on a day that corresponded to a meeting […]

Technet Webcast Series For the ITPro – Part 2

Today was the first of my two presentations as part of the TechNet Webcast Series for the ITPro, about SQL Server 2005 security. The session went a bit long, as there are so many new security-related features to cover, wouldn't you agree? I got some really great feedback on the key management portions of the […]

More info about System.Configuration

A couple of weeks ago, I published an entry about using System.Configuration.dll in SQLCLR procedures, along with a sqlserver.exe.config file. Since then I've received information that, although reading configuration information in SQLCLR procedures does work, that *technically* its not officially supported, and the fact that it works might change in future releases. Just thought I'd let you know. […]

At Dutch Devdays

I’m writing this just before the start of the Dutch Devdays conference in Amsterdam. The conference promises to a good one, with local speakers as well as guest speakers. I’m going to be presenting four  different in-depth topics, all related to database client applications and/or SQL Server 2005 applications, and how ADO.NET 2.0 and SQL […]

Move over developers! SQL Server XQuery is actually a DBA tool

While teaching SQL Server 2005 to developers, I'd always point out the irony in the fact that the new EVENTDATA() function, used to return information in a DDL trigger or EVENT NOTIFICATION, returns XML and would be used almost exclusively by DBAs. This seems almost like a nefarious plot to force DBAs, who would be […]

XQuery methods and determinism

If I store XML in an XML data type column its sometimes useful for performance to be able to hoist the value of a particular item to its own persisted computed column. The column can then be used in SQL queries without having to recalculate the XQuery each time its accessed. For example, if I […]