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Thank you for your past attendance in one of our SQLskills Immersion Events or for working through the recorded content.

We’re continually looking to provide you with tools necessary to achieve your personal and professional goals. We understand that communicating your credentials in an ever-expanding online marketplace can be challenging. That is why we’ve partnered with Credly’s Acclaim platform to provide you with a digital version of your course attendance and credentials.

These digital badges can be used:

  • On social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter
  • In email signatures and digital resumes
  • On your website or blog to show your credentials
  • To print a PDF certificate of your course

Each digital badge contains verified metadata that describes your course attendance, the skills covered, and the length of the course you attended to earn your badge.

Please complete the form to the right if you’d like to receive a badge for your course attendance. We will verify your course attendance and then “invite” you to receive your badge at YourAcclaim.com. Usually, badge requests are issued within 1 week. Thank you for your patience while we verify / issue. 

If you have any questions at all, please email Paul@SQLskills.com!

Thanks so much and we hope you enjoy this new benefit!
Paul and Kimberly

Badge Request

* Course Completion Date: is used for recorded courses. We cannot police you or force you to watch, or force you to work through demos, or click on links, etc.

But, we are trusting that you feel comfortable enough with the content! Let us know the completion date of EACH of your recorded courses and we’ll issue a badge! CONGRATS on working through the content in a self-paced and self-disciplined fashion!

IMPORTANT: It seems as though MANY of you are “repeat-offenders” having taken multiple courses with us. Don’t fret about the exact dates for IN-PERSON courses, I have all of the exact information. Please just enter one of your courses (with dates that are close!) and then in the message, remind me of the other courses you’ve taken or emails that you may have used. One request is *usually* enough for me to find you and BADGE YOU!