SQL Server 2012 Extended Events Add-in

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Extended Events are a powerful new way of troubleshooting problems with SQL Server, and the addition of UI support in SQL Server 2012 Management Studio has helped increase the awareness and usage of this feature. One short coming is that the new UI for Extended Events only works for SQL Server 2012 instances. The SQL Server 2012 Extended Events Add-in bridges this gap by providing backwards compatibility with SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008R2 for Extended Events by providing the following features:

  • View Extended Events Metadata for all Available Objects
  • View event sessions
  • Start/Stop event sessions
  • Create new event sessions
  • Alter event sessions
  • Drop event session
  • Script all operations
  • View target data for active event sessions
  • Configurable UI options

SQL Server 2012 XE Add-in TargetDataView

The SQL Server 2012 Extended Events Add-in is built on the code for the 2008 version of the add-in (available on Codeplex) with updates to resolve known bugs and allow integration in SQL Server 2012 Management Studio.

Release Notes:

September 25, 2013 – Build 2.0.5011.35369

  • Fixes bug obtaining ObjectExplorerContext causing Management Studio to crash for certain Cumulative Update levels
  • Fixes ObjectExplorerNodeChanged event handler when changing servers

July 22, 2013 – Initial Release