SQL Server Management Studio Availability Group Add-in

[wpdm_package id=’5254′]

An important part of ensuring application functionality with Availability Groups is manually maintaining any uncontained objects across each of the replicas in the Availability Group. This add-in for SQL Server Management Studio 2012 and 2014 (it DOES NOT work with Management Studio 2016 currently due to changes in Addin support) simplifies the administration of this manual task by generating scripts to synchronize:

  • User-defined Server Roles
  • Server Logins and Permissions
  • Linked Servers
  • SQL Server Agent Operators
  • SQL Server Agent Alerts
  • SQL Server Agent Jobs

The add-in creates an additional menu in Object Explorer for the Availability Group node for easy access.

SQL Server Management Studio AG Add-in Menu

This add-in is under continuous development to add additional objects to synchronize and additional reporting for configuration reviews across replicas. A version that supports the new VSIX extension format of SSMS 2016 may be available in the near future.