Just like this dolphin gracefully dives into the ocean depths, we'll take you for a deep dive into SQL Server with our Immersion Events. We provide real-world knowledge that you can immediately put into practice. Our instructors are consultants who use SQL Server every day, and they know how to convey information so you can absorb it. Whether you’re looking for training to achieve a certification or be a better data professional, we have classes for you.


Just like this shark, we attack problems in the most streamlined and efficient way possible! We're a full-service SQL Server consulting company with clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune-25 enterprises and government agencies. We have you covered for everything from performance tuning to architecture to virtualization to HA/DR, and more. When companies have SQL Server problems, they come to us. And we fix it. Every single time.


With proper lighting, you can see this hidden red goby in the depths, and our resources help illuminate many areas of SQL Server for you. We pride ourselves on being a pillar of the SQL Server community. One of the many ways we contribute is by making available a plethora of demo scripts, sample databases, whitepapers, free training videos, and more. And you can get it all here.

SQLskills is powered by Paul S. Randal and Kimberly L. Tripp, two of the world’s most renowned SQL Server experts. We are a Microsoft Gold Data Platform Partner and our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality and most in-depth training and consulting in the market. We aim to give you the best return on your investment, starting with our in-depth SQL Server health checks: US$2,995 for just a health check, or US$6,495 for our popular Health-Check-Plus-12.

If you need training, choose from our array of live online and in-person training classes or our large catalog of online Pluralsight courses. We ensure that you get real-world expertise that you can immediately put into practice, making you a better SQL Server professional and providing clear value to your company. Also check out our extensive Waits And Latches Library!

Whatever your requirements are – from extensive performance tuning to architectural reviews to virtualization to hardware design and upgrades to remote DBA to Azure (SQL Database/VMs/Managed Instance) to AGs – we can do it all!