Base Camp Q&As & SQL 2022 Updates – 1 Year Access

This is the set of recordings done between October 2023 and July 2024 that cover all of the new features related to our Blackbelt Bundle’s 7 courses (IEAzure, IEPTO1, IEPTO2, IEVLT, IECS, IECAG, and IEQS [QueryStore]). Each session (one for each course) is anywhere from 1-2 hours long and covers the updates between our courses recorded on SQL Server 2019 and the release of SQL Server 2022. The Q&As are from emails as well as questions raised during the live sessions. This is part of the SQL Server 2022 Blackbelt Badge requirements.

To obtain a SQL Server 2022 Blackbelt Badge requires:

  1. A SQL Server 2019 Blackbelt Badge
  2. Completing a review of these recordings
  3. Completing the upcoming IESP [Optimizing Stored Procedures for SQL Server 2022 – mostly focused on the new Parameter Sensitive Plan Optimization feature]
  4. Completing the upcoming SQL 2022 IECAG [Clustering and Availability Groups – mostly focused on the changes in Windows Server 2019+]

Have fun!