SQLskills GDPR Compliance and International Sales / Taxes

Tax Calculations

Tax calculations are provided by our internationally-recognized, third-party, WooCommerce plug-in through Avalara (AvaTax). Taxes are only applied on pre-recorded training courses (not associated with the sale of business software). All worldwide sales will be taxed where applicable.

GDPR Compliance

Our e-commerce platform (WooCommerce) is GDPR compliant and it offers an option to “purge all customer data.” If requested, by email, we can remove all customer data from our e-commerce system. However, we require that you send us an email as we are also integrated with other platforms, as follows:

  • Our online course viewing platform.
  • Our credit card processing partner company. They may have saved credit card details if you purchased a recurring subscription. We can purge all data from this platform. Please note: Even when saved, SQLskills cannot see any of your credit card details directly; only the billing information and the last four digits can be seen (for confirmation/verification).
  • Our email processing platform for sending you details about viewing your purchased courses, purchase information, and course correspondence. This is NOT our newsletter.
  • Our newsletter processing platform for our SQLskills Insider Newsletter, but only if you are subscribed.
  • Our SQLskills team email accounts.

If you choose to “purge all customer data” your account on SQLskills will be removed from all of the above. Once removed, all sales and information related to your prior course purchases and course memberships will be removed. You will no longer have access and this information cannot be retrieved. 


If you have any questions, please contact us