A cause of high-duration ASYNC_IO_COMPLETION waits

In some of the wait statistics data I’ve been analyzing, some servers have been showing very long ASYNC_IO_COMPLETION waits, which I had a hunch about but wanted proof. The official definition of ASYNC_IO_COMPLETION is ‘Occurs when a task is waiting for I/Os to finish.’ Very helpful – NOT! Using the code I blogged yesterday (How […]

How to determine what causes a particular wait type

Wait statistics, as you know, are one of my favorite things to do with SQL Server, along with corruption, the transaction log, and Kimberly (but not necessarily in that order :-) One of the things that really frustrates me about wait statistics is that there is hardly any documentation about what the various wait types […]

What is the most worrying cause of log growth (log_reuse_wait_desc)?

Two weeks ago I kicked off a survey¬†that presented a scenario and asked you to vote for the log_reuse_wait_desc value you’d be most worried to see on a critical database with a 24×7 workload. Here are the results: Another very interesting spread of responses – as always, thanks to everyone who took the time to […]

New interview available online

The Simple Talk folks from Red Gate have been running a Geek of the Week interview series over the last few months and this week I’m their featured geek. You can read the interview here. Enjoy!

Survey: what is the most worrying cause of log growth?

Time for another fun survey, this time around factors causing the transaction log to grow. Imagine you’re the DBA for a company and you come to work Monday morning and find that the transaction log on one of the most critical databases, which has a 24×7 workload, is growing repeatedly. You check the log_reuse_wait_desc field […]