DBCC CHECKDB scalability and performance benchmarking on SSDs

Back in February I ran a bunch of performance tests of DBCC CHECKDB on SSDs, to evaluate the effects of degree-of-parallelism (DOP) and various options and traceflags, and now I’m finally getting around to presenting the results. Make sure to also read the recent┬ápost where I talk about the detrimental effect of computed-column indexes on […]

Benchmarking: Introducing SSDs (Part 3: random inserts with wait stats details)

Last time I posted about SSDs I presented the findings from sequential inserts with a variety of configurations and basically concluded that SSDs do not provide a substantial gain over SCSI storage (that is not overloaded) – see this blog post for more details. You can see my benchmarking hardware setup here, with the addition of […]

New hardware to play with: Fusion-io SSDs

Christmas comes but once a year… really? Then mine just came early on this afternoon's UPS truck. The very nice folks at Fusion-io just sent me two of their fully-loaded top-of-the-line ioDrive Duos with 640GB of solid-state flash memory in each. This is really extra-nice of them because on Dell's Small Business website they're currently […]