A few short notes this morning regarding the blogs and other stuff.

We had a big outage over the weekend, which rather embarrassingly manifested itself as ‘out-of-disk-space’ errors for anyone trying to get to any of our blogs. As you all know we preach about pro-active monitoring of data and log file space, so this didn’t look good IMHO. All I can say is that it was the website and blogs log drive on the hosting company’s server that filled up, not something we have control over. Needless to say, their process has been fixed so that it shouldn’t happen again. Sorry about that (and thanks to all of you who dropped me mail to let me know).

Now Kimberly and I have recovered from six straight weeks of teaching, we’ll be making progress on other projects. I’ve had a bunch of people ask where the annotated slide decks are (see this post). We’ve been a little busy with our teaching projects the last few months (see the previous post) but we’re working on getting the first deck ready – it’ll be Disaster Recovery: From Planning to Practice to Post-Mortem.


Question for all of you…. interest in printouts of our workshops?

Every time we’re at a conference, we get asked whether we’re going to write any books on the kinds of things we talk about. Well, at present the answer is no – we just don’t have time unfortunately. However, I have a plan that I’d like to gauge interest in to see whether it’s worthwhile.

There are two full-day workshops that Kimberly and I taught this year, Database Maintenance: From Planning to Practice to Post-Mortem and Disaster Recovery: From Planning to Practice to Post-Mortem. Each of these has 100+ slides in. My plan is to take each of these slide decks, add comprehensive notes for each slide and make printouts of the complete deck, one-slide plus notes per-page available for ordering for US $99.99 each workshop. There would also be a section on our website with relevant whitepaper links, KB article links, and blog post links ordered by slide number in the deck. Additionally, as we’d be shipping stuff to you anyway, we’ll throw in a free copy of the AlwaysOn DVD and the Manageability DVD, with around 20 hours of self-paced labs on them. Shipping and handling would be included for domestic US orders, and US $10 extra for non-US orders.

If there’s enough interest (50-100 people) then I’ll go forward and make these available for ordering in January/February 2008. So – if you’re interested in this (with no obligation) please drop me a mail.