New Pluralsight course: Understanding, Configuring, and Troubleshooting Log Shipping

Glenn’s latest Pluralsight course has been published – SQL Server: Understanding, Configuring, and Troubleshooting Log Shipping. It’s 90-minutes long, and from the course description: SQL Server log shipping is a very useful technology for high availability and disaster recovery, as well for general purpose database movement, migration, and upgrades. In this course, SQL Server: Understanding, Configuring, and […]

SQLskills SQL101: Log shipping performance problems

As Kimberly blogged about earlier this year, SQLskills has an ongoing initiative to blog about basic topics, which we’re calling SQL101. We’re all blogging about things that we often see done incorrectly, technologies used the wrong way, or where there are many misunderstandings that lead to serious problems. If you want to find all of our SQLskills SQL101 blog posts, check out One […]

Whitepaper on high-availability architectures published

The 20-page whitepaper I wrote this Spring for the SQL team has just been published. This whitepaper is titled Proven SQL Server Architectures for High Availability and Disaster Recovery and ties in with the longer whitepaper I wrote last year on High Availability with SQL Server 2008 (see here). This new whitepaper describes the five […]

A SQL Server DBA myth a day: (7/30) multiple mirrors and log shipping load delays

(Look in the Misconceptions blog category for the rest of the month’s posts and check out the 60-page PDF with all the myths and misconceptions blog posts collected together when you join our Insider list, plus my online Myths and Misconceptions training course on Pluralsight.) A short one today as I'm teaching a class on […]

SQL Server 2008 High Availability whitepaper published on MSDN

The 35-page whitepaper on high availability I wrote for the SQL team over the summer has been published on MSDN. It’s a 2-300 level whitepaper that describes the various high-availability technologies in SQL Server 2008 and how they can be used to mitigate disasters. It’s chock-full of links to other whitepapers, technical articles and Books […]

Adding geo-redundancy to failover clustering

A few weeks ago I kicked off a survey on how you add geo-redundancy to a failover cluster (see here for the survey). The results as of 8/26/09 are as follows:   So why is this interesting? Well, many people will suggest failover clustering as the best way to provide high-availability for a database (or […]

TechNet Magazine: August 2009 SQL Q&A column

The August edition of TechNet Magazine is available on the web now and has the latest installment of my regular SQL Q&A column. This month's topics are: Proactive page checksum failure detection Why GUIDs make for bad clustered index keys  Possible problems using a log shipping secondary for reporting  Recovery model choice for log size […]

Why could restoring a log-shipping log backup be slow?

A short post to start the day (in India) and then at lunchtime I'll do how it works: FILESTREAM garbage collection. This is a question that came up recently on an MVP discussion list: why does a 200MB log backup take 40 minutes to restore on my log-shipping secondary? First answer I thought of was […]

Conference Questions Pot-Pourri #9: Q&A around compression features

Today's post is based on a bunch of questions I've had around the various compression features in SQL Server 2008. Does turning on data compression or backup compression compress the transaction log files on disk? No. The transaction log is not compressed in any way under any circumstances. Rows from tables and indexes that have […]

TechNet Magazine: October SQL Q&A column

It’s been almost two weeks since my last post as we’ve been offline in Scotland (another photo post to follow – I owe you two now…) but now we’re back for the crazy Fall conference and teaching season. The latest installment of my regular Q&A column in TechNet Magazine is available at This month […]

More new whitepapers: Database Mirroring and Log Shipping

Just got an email notification of a new whitepaper from the SQL Customer Advisory Team on Database Mirroring and Log Shipping Working Together. It covers: Converting a log shipping setup to a database mirroring partnership Setting up log shipping to a 3rd destination (i.e. warm standby to go with the mirroring hot standby) Swapping the […]