Holiday special offer on maintenance+operations audits

Happy Holidays! Back in January I ran a special offer on our new (at the time) auditing service, and as the holidays approach I'd like to do it again! What I'm offering: I'll perform a remote maintenance/operations audit for US$750 for the first 10 customers to sign up by January 15th, limited to 4 hours […]

In the news: our maintenance audits get rave reviews

Back in January I offered a promotion as a way of introducing our maintenance/operations auditing services. Now I've completed a bunch of them, with some excellent results for customers. One international customer, Plex Systems, was so pleased with the outcome of my audit of their manufacturing ERP software hosting databases that they issued a press release today […]

Remote DB maintenance auditing promotion

Okay, this post is describing some new services we provide (we are a consulting firm after all :-), but there's a promotion at the bottom where you can save $$$ on one of the new services. We're starting to offer a set of standalone auditing services that we can perform remotely, greatly reducing the cost of […]

New whitepaper on SQL Server Audit in 2008

One set of features i haven't blogged about yet in SQL Server 2008 are the new security features: SQL Server Audit, Transparent Data Encryption, and Extensible Key Management. I've just finished writing a security article for the May 2009 TechNet Magazine (the annual security issue) and while trolling around TechNet I found that the security […]

TechNet Radio interview with Paul and Kimberly on SQL Server 2008 – Part 1

Wow – almost 10 days without a blog post – that must be a record for me! :-) Never fear – I'll be posting more over the next couple of weeks. Kimberly flew off to India yesterday to teach some Microsoft classes and unfortunately I couldn't join her this time as I'm teaching 3 classes […]

SQL Server 2008 JumpStart

Phew – last week Kimberly and I spent 3 days teaching the ins-and-outs of SQL Server 2008 for DBAs/IT-Pros to about 130 Microsoft SQL Server experts and MVPs (like Kalen Delaney, Adam Machanic and Ron Talmage). This was the (95% complete) Beta delivery of a course we’ve been developing for the last six months for Microsoft […]