Cyber Monday special on 2019 live, online classes 6-pack – save $199 per class!

It’s Cyber Monday today, and now that you’ve finished picking up great deals for your personal life, how about a great deal for your professional life?

From now through 12pm PST on Thursday, November 28th 2018, the first 25 people to register using a credit card can pick up our 6-course combo (covering all six of our 2019 Q1 live, online classes) for a flat US$3,000. Six live classes for only US$3000! That’s a saving of US$299 off the combo price, and makes each class only US$500, compared to the US$699 full price.

With each class you get about 14 hours of the best live training spread over three days, plus access to the recorded class.

Check out the classes here. And when you’re ready to save a bunch of money, register here (pick the bottom Event from the drop-down menu).




SQLskills is now a Microsoft Gold Data Platform Partner

We’ve been doing a huge amount of work this year with Microsoft field offices and customers on upgrades and Azure (especially around Azure Managed Instance) and it’s apparent that certain customers can be reluctant to engage with you unless you can answer ‘Yes!’ to ‘Are you a Gold Partner?’

We already had all the qualifications so we decided to embrace the whole Microsoft Partner thing fully and upped ourselves to Gold Data Platform Partner, as of today.

Thanks to our great team, Achievement Unlocked!


Do you get our bi-weekly newsletter?

You may not know this, but for the last six years I’ve been producing a bi-weekly newsletter for everyone signed up for our mailing list (which we only use for the newsletter). It’s a bit of a labor of love, and a way for me to post opinions and other information that doesn’t really fit on my blog.

I’ve just expanded the sections in the newsletter so I want to make sure you all know about it. It’s 100% free of any 3rd-party adverts and marketing and your email address will only ever be used for sending the newsletters – nothing else. And it’s 100% free to join, no special requirements.

Every newsletter has the following sections:

  • SQLskills News A quick round-up of new Pluralsight courses, classes, conferences, user groups, and SQLSaturdays where we’ll be presenting.
  • Book Review I read a huge amount and like to post a 1-2 paragraph review of something interesting I’ve read since the last newsletter. I’ve been told by many people that this is one of the sections they look forward to most!
  • The Curious Case of… Describing and explaining a problem we’ve recently found on a client system (or come across in an email question or while teaching a class) that is something others are likely to come across in their environments.
  • Paul’s Ponderings Where I write about a topic of interest to the SQL Server community.
  • Video Demo A never-before-seen demo video of something to do with SQL Server from one of the team. Occassionally I’ll pick a demo video from a Pluralsight course too.
  • #TBT (Turn Back Time) Highlighting some older resources around a particular topic, plus a selection of recent SQLskills blog posts.

Here’s an example newsletter from March 2017 so you can see what it’s like.

If you’re interested, just enter your email address below and hit Subscribe and you’ll be added to our newsletter list. No in-depth registration, no fuss, no time! Once you sign up you’ll be able to read all the previous newsletters too.