SQL Server health check by SQLskills: Spring discount offer

Through the end of July, we’re offering a complete single-instance health-check for a flat fee of US$2,500…  One of the most popular services we provide to new clients is a SQL Server Health Check, whether the new client is a Fortune-25 company or a small company with only a handful of employees. There’s a lot […]

Corruption recovery using DBCC WRITEPAGE

A couple of week ago I kicked off a survey about the extent of your experience with the DBCC WRITEPAGE command. Here are the results: The “Other” values are: 9 x “Read your post on it, may practice it one day, but it’ll always be last resort to use.” 6 x “I read your post […]

Our new website and April special offer

Our New Website Late last year we finally decided to make time to revamp our blogs and website, and move onto WordPress. I  really wish we’d done it a lot sooner as WordPress is such a joy to work with compared to hand-coded ASP.NET, but client work always seemed to get in the way. Now we’ve […]

Make SQLskills part of YOUR team with dedicated consulting

We're there as part of your team when you need us, without the hassle of contracts and scoping calls. We realize that many of you want to have access to the best SQL Server resources on an ongoing basis and so we're now offering dedicated consulting through prepaid hours with a discount. The idea is that […]

Do you want free hardware? We can help!

Our hardware guru, Glenn Berry, recently recorded a podcast with our good friends at RunAs Radio about the licensing changes in SQL Server 2012 and how many people are now finding they have hardware they can't fully utilize without spending a bunch more money. The podcast was published today and you can listen to it […]

Back to business as summer heats up

You may have noticed that my blog’s been pretty quiet in June and empty in July. May and June were frenetic travel and work months for me, with two two-week teaching trips to the UK and producing two training courses for Pluralsight. Then at the end of June, Kimberly and I took the kids to […]

Spring cleaning health check special offer in May

Spring takes a while to get going in the Pacific Northwest but spring is definitely in the air now that it's May – and spring means spring cleaning! It's been about 18 months since we last ran a special pricing offer so I've decided to offer one through the month of May for new customers: a […]

Video recording of PASS session on communication skills available

Last week I presented for the PASS Virtual Chapter on Professional Development about Communication Skills and the whole thing was recorded via LiveMeeting. It's 70 minutes of distilled experience with some stories thrown in. Check it out at https://www323.livemeeting.com/cc/usergroups/view?id=7KH9ZW. Enjoy! PS Many thanks to Mark Caldwell for hosting the meeting!

SQLskills hires deep technical expert Joseph Sack

Days like this don’t come around very often for us here at SQLskills.com – we’re expanding again! It’s been seven months since Jonathan Kehayias came on board and we’ve had a huge amount of fun together. Now business has expanded to the point where we need to grow again so it’s time to hire the […]

Who is watching over your precious SQL Servers while you’re busy?

I bet you'd love the answer to be "SQLskills.com"? Well now it can be. Over the last few months some of our clients for whom we've performed SQL Server health checks on their critical servers have asked us if we'd consider a regular service where we perform mini-health checks on those same servers and also […]

The most important consulting skill is… effective communication

I think many people imagine that technical acumen and razor-sharp problem solving skills are the most important skills to be a successful consultant. I would strongly disagree. While these two skills are *absolutely* essential for success, I think they are less important than the ability to effectively communicate with your clients. Effective communication is a […]

Holiday special offer on maintenance+operations audits

Happy Holidays! Back in January I ran a special offer on our new (at the time) auditing service, and as the holidays approach I'd like to do it again! What I'm offering: I'll perform a remote maintenance/operations audit for US$750 for the first 10 customers to sign up by January 15th, limited to 4 hours […]

Brent Ozar joining SQLskills.com

Since the start of the year we've been inundated with consulting and auditing requests, which is a good sign for the recovery from the economic effect on the IT industry over the last few years. Unfortunately Kimberly and I just don't scale, so while we've worked with many people this year on their SQL Server problems, […]

Remote DB maintenance auditing promotion

Okay, this post is describing some new services we provide (we are a consulting firm after all :-), but there's a promotion at the bottom where you can save $$$ on one of the new services. We're starting to offer a set of standalone auditing services that we can perform remotely, greatly reducing the cost of […]