April Fools Day joke from my years at Microsoft

I couldn't think of a really good April Fools Day joke to play, so I thought I'd share with you one that I played on the entire 1000-person SQL Server team back when I was a manager in 2007, and one of the things in my portfolio was fostering closer relationships between team members and […]

SQL Quiz #5: SANs and mirroring

There's another SQL Quiz (from Chris Shaw) doing the rounds where people blog the answer and then tag someone. This I got tagged by two people (Jason Massie and Gail Shaw) in the same day for the same quiz (albeit over a week ago). They either think I'm going to say something profound or funny, […]

Quick joke

Saw this on Twitter (anonymous original author): A SQL query walks into a bar. It goes up to two tables and says “Mind if I JOIN you?” :-)

OT: Excellent funny videos

Here are a couple of videos I came across today that are very funny. The second one had me in tears laughing. Let's just say that it could easily be Kimberly singing the second one – she'a bit of a toast fanatic. 1) "Cannon PI" – start of a new spoof video series from Microsoft: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cCApcSq1ke0 […]

Off-topic: What would Facebook be like in real-life?

This is a hilarious video of what Facebook would be in real-life – well worth a couple of minutes for a lunch-time laugh. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrFdOz1Mj8Q Enjoy!

RunAs Radio interview on being an “involuntary DBA”

On Tuesday I recorded a couple of sessions with Richard and Greg on RunAs Radio. It’s been a while since either Kimberly or I have been on the show – last November at TechEd in Barcelona. In the first session we discussed what it is to be an “involuntary DBA” – someone who’s thrown into the […]

SQLskills.com Announces Time-Setback Technology for DBAs

(Redmond, WA: For immediate release worldwide) Today, in a surprise development that has stunned industry analysts, SQLskills.com announced a new technology for DBAs that will help in the never-ending battle against human-error and unforeseen disasters. The patent-pending Time-Setback technology allows DBAs of SQL Server to literally rewind time and avoid disasters before they happen. Renowned […]

Tales from the women’s bathroom in the Microsoft office in Beijing

Well, I bet that title grabbed a bunch of people’s attention :-) In the Beijing Advanced Research Centre offices of Microsoft where we’re teaching this week, the bathroom stalls have print-outs of jokes on them. The ones in the women’s bathroom are pretty good – here are a couple of them that made us laugh […]