Recent Lego models gallery

It's been a while since I blogged about hobby stuff so I thought I'd share a few photos of recent Lego models I've made – I know quite a few of you are model nuts like me! I've included a soda can so you can get an idea of the scale of the models. Click […]

TGIF Time Warp

Once in a blue moon I come across something cool and it happens to be Friday, and I blog about it. Last time was drinking Guinness in Dublin and the time before was an insane driving skills video (see here). My (scary) friend and fellow SQL MVP Grant Fritchey (Twitter|blog) posted the first two lines […]

TGIF in Dublin

We've had a great week here in Dublin teaching our first public Immersion Event for a while – nearly 50 attendees spent the week with us exploring internals, performance, indexing, maintenance, and HA. Today's the last day where I'm teaching my favorite module on consistency checking and corruption recovery – excellent way to spend a Friday! […]

TGIF Insane driving skills clip

Wow. This is a driving stunts video by Ken Block – it's just jaw-dropping what this guy can do flying around a dockyard in a car. Click the image to get to the video. Skip 1 minute in to get past the intro and then it's awe-time for 5 minutes (then they show you pictures […]